What do you tell yourself?

Your mind believes everything you tell it.


Today I would like to talk to you about ‘what’ we feed our mind with.

To feel happy and balanced, it is important to respect its body and nourish ourselves properly. It is important to respect our physical body and give it enough rest, exercise, sun, a healthy diet, hydration, etc.

But we are holistic beings. This means we also need to nourish our other bodies, such as the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.


The etheric body is nourished by conscious movement, such as yoga, qi-gong or tai chi quan.

The emotional body is nourished by doing yourself some good. By giving you me-time. This can be through art, contemplation, music, everything that makes you feel good, appeased and happy.

The mental body is best nourised by positive thoughts, meditation, reading, and teachings (following a course that really interests you).

With positive intentions, affirmations and prayer you nourish the spiritual body. Also by finding you true life’s purpose or mission you will make this body happy.

Most of us nourish all these bodies fairly well, except for the mental body (and for some the physical body!)

This is why I want to elaborate on the mental body, or the part of you linked to your mind, your brain and your thoughts.

Most of us (unconsciously) feed our mind everyday with negative thoughts, false beliefs or negative ideas about ourselves. Examples: “I will never be good at that”, “I need to lose weight, I’m fat/obese”, “I look like hell today”, “I catch a cold at least once a year”, “There’s a flu epidemic and I’m tired, so I’ll probably catch it too”, “Nobody likes me”, “No one understands me”.

You need to know that each time you say one of these sentences to yourself, your mind (and your CELLS!) believe this statement and start acting upon it. Cells receive a message from the brain that they will become sick and so they lay down their arms and start the illness process.

Thoughts are waves, just like radio waves. They have a certain frequency: bad thoughts have a low frequency and good thoughts a high frequency or vibration.

So each time you are being negative, you live on the low frequencies. This means you attract similar low frequencies. Which some people would describe as bad luck,or always attracting the wrong partner or friends, being a magnet for problems, illness, or other negative vibes.

On the other hand, when you think, live and exhume positive thoughts, you also attract these hogher vibes, so you come across positive people, you have these crazy lucky “coincidences”… But it’s not a coincidence, you attracted it yourself.

So my advice for this week: try to feed yourself with more positive thoughts, let go of old beliefs. Just accept that nobody’s perfect and that we all have bad days, but don’t get drawn in that negative spiral. The key is accepting, being grateful for the lesson the universe has shown you, and letting go. Then think positive again.

Create some affirmations for you to repeat each day, such as “I love myself”, “I am beautiful, successful and intelligent”, “I am a compassionate and relaxed human being”, “Everyone is kind to me”, etc.

Make sure to write down your affirmation (or write it on your mirror, so you can see this everyday when you wake up). The message can be ANYTHING positive. It can even be “I am a magnet for abundance, I live a rich life”. Doesn’t matter what your desire is, asd long as you formulate it positively. The mind and our subconscious cannot process negations, so if you would say “I don’t want to be scared anymore”, your subconscious hears “I want to be scared”. Instead formulate it like this “I want to be a confident person that is solid as a rock and faces fear in the eye”.

Eveything you will tell your mind, will be passed on to the subconscious and to your cells and this will trigger a reaction. Because every wave of thought, creates movement, just like atoms and molecules do in their eternal dance.



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