The importance of yoga

Today I would like to introduce the importance of yoga to you all. Since the international yoga day is approaching soon, now is a good time to share with you how yoga has improved my life.

I was finally able to create my practical video yoga course. It’s now online, up and running, and all those who are interested are able to purchase the course.

I’m happy, because I had wanted to created that course for a while now, and it’s finally done.

Of course, I also give away some free yoga poses on my Youtube channel. If you don’t follow my YouTube Channel, and you don’t want to miss out on the free tips then make sure to subscribe or view my channel here.

But why yoga? 

First of all yoga is a fundamental part of Ayurveda, the most ancient medicine in the world (India). I try to apply the principles of Ayurveda as much as I can, in order to keep fit, healthy, happy and avoid serious diseases.

Yoga is a part of this medicine, because the yoga poses and exercises keep your whole body supple. They offer tremendous benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure (or stabilising it), enhancing the functioning of the organs, regulating organs and blood circulation, keeping your back healthy or resolving back issues. In short, yoga can heal you from so many things that I would need 10 pages to explain all the benefits to you.

In my course and on YouTube I give you the specific benefits per pose or asana!

But maybe most importantly, yoga helps create balance, clears the mind, brings inner peace. So not only does yoga maintain your health or heal ailments, it is also very appeasing to the mind (that is working 24/7). And with more inner peace and a clear mind, we can focus better and become more aware of all the signs our body and the environment is giving to us.

This is the part where you become more intuitive and you start listening to your body. Because you have all the resources you need in you! I’m at the point where I try to listen to what my body is telling me concerning the food I eat, the balance I need, etc. For example, when I feel like eating something sweet, I get a signal from my bowel saying that it would be better to take some fruit instead of processed foods. If I don’t listen, I’ll feel it afterwards 😉

Or when I’m doing too many things at the same time, my focus is less and my head starts pounding, so I know to reduce the things I’m doing. When I then take things one at a time, my head feels light again.

There is so much wisdom in yoga that I could write about it for ages. But what I think is most important to share with you, is the difference you feel on a daily basis.

When I practice yoga on a daily basis, even if it’s just 5 to 10 minutes, I feel so happy and balanced. Aggressive people can’t get to me, I’m floating on air and feel strong and powerful. But I smile continuously and nothing can touch me. I feel grounded, centred and at ease in all situations. As if I’m completely ZEN.

My body also feels light, supple, and at the same time strong and healthy. My appetite is normal and my breath is deep.

But sometimes life takes over (yes, I’m also human and the pitfall is to fall into old habits again and watch a series on Netflix instead of doing yoga 🙂 ). And when that’s the case and that I forgot to do yoga, I have an increasing appetite, eating too much, and becoming bloated.

I feel more stressed and influenceable. Aggressive people around me make me feel small and hurt. I feel vulnerable and sometimes afraid of certain situations. My body becomes stiff and my back sometimes hurts. I feel less rested, sometimes even exhausted and I lose a lot of my dynamic self.

And every time I’m in that situation, I’m like: “How come I feel like this? I felt so good a month ago? Oh… forgot to practice yoga… Ok, today I start again!” And it’s amazing how quickly you regain all those positive feelings simply by doing one salutation to the sun (= a yoga exercise).

So, my advice to you is: start small, but DO IT! Start today and integrate some very simple and basic yoga in your life. You’ll be surprised at how much good it will do you in a short time!

Never done yoga at home before? Here’s exactly what you need to get started: a complete starters set for an astonishing price. Here’s my affiliate link to

You can start by doing my first free posture on YouTube, more will follow. Or you can try out my course: the first 50 participants get a 25% refund. You can find the content of the course here.

So to conclude: yoga has already done so much good to me and improved my life so much, that it is my obligation to share this with the world!

Because my deepest desire is to raise as much awareness on the planet, together with many others, so that we can create a world in which there is peace, happiness, respect for all living beings and the planet, unconditional love and truth. The more we are to feel balanced, happy and intuitive, the less the current establishment will have power over us. The more we are to live differently, the more positive changes we will see in the world.

Let’s start changing the world today, by starting with ourselves. Every little step forward counts! Or as Ghandi would say: “Be the change you want to see in the world”!

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