Disconnected connectedness, part II

Yesterday I explained a little bit about the concept of disconnected connectedness we presently live in. I wanted to illustrate my point with a breath-taking movie but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Now today – there are no coincidences! – a friend of mine shares the following film:


Thank you for sharing this! I am now sharing it on my turn, because it’s important to share such powerful information. We need to wake up and act!

And I don’t want to sound pessimistic, because, yes, the movie starts with a negative tone. Because, yes, we are destroying our planet and torturing people and animals and nature. But I also remain optimistic, because I have hope and trust. Trust in the human potential, trust in the universe. I really do believe that things are changing and that more and more people change and make a difference. So this movie is a wake-up call or a reminder.

And positive change is happening and can be realised quickly. If I just look at my street where I live in our tiny little village: I settled there and started with my horse assisted coaching. Then I integrated more holistic approaches and wanted to live closer to nature, and in harmony with nature. Other women joined me in the process and brought people to my place to discover the healing benefits of stones, of shiatsu, of vegan food, of healing, etc..

One of these women now settled with my father two houses away. She practices shiatsu and healing massages on humans AND animals. My father, who is 67 years old, went to school again last September. He is studying to become a naturopath, or natural medicine practician. He is doing great!

Across my father’s house, our neighbours came back into their house after years of having worked abroad as expats. They left the business life behind to open up a permaculture centre in our street. They have transformed their garden and everything about them and about the garden is in perfect symbiosis and harmony. After just one year their garden offers an abundance of edible flowers and vegetables. They are pure and loving and won’t harm a bug in the garden. Because everyone has a place, a purpose and it is not up to us humans to manipulate and control nature to our will (because we want to make it easier, more comfortable, fitting to our demands).

Another neighbour is now thinking of starting a small business in natural cosmetics. She has been making her own cosmetics and household products for years, with natural products, plants and essential oils. She’s now ready to share that knowledge as well.

Older neighbours are now intrigued by what we’re doing and they ar asking questions. People start talking with each other again on the street and everyone smiles and helps one another. And this is just ONE STREET I’m talking about! So if it can grow so easily in one street, imagine how such initiatives can spread and change the world! Change the human mind!

So yes, it is time to wake up. We must stop with the atrocities we are inflicting on the planet, people, trees and animals. We must rethink the way we live. We must ask ourselves serious questions and change! We must re-awaken our true potential. Look at our values and apply them consistently. It is not always comfortable in the beginning, but it is so rewarding. And so filling! All these changes for the good fill our emptiness inside (that we have created ourselves). So yes, today’s the time for change. But I have hope, I am positive. I believe in the power of us all together.

Go on and be the change you want to see in the world. 🙂

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