Getting rid of Karma

Two weeks ago, I launched my first workshop on Ayurveda. I’ve been learning about Ayurveda for several years now and it keeps fascinating me. Although very complex, I’m now understanding the basics. I certainly cannot say I am an expert yet. But as my life mission is to share information – in a clear & simple way – to help people awaken spiritually and shine brightly, it was time to start sharing what I know about Ayurveda. Amongst other topics, of course.

It is always so thrilling to see the participants grow and absorb all this information. The process afterwards is also fantastic. Participants take whatever info they remembered home and apply it into daily life. I see them evolve, come back with questions, their curiosity awakened.

During the Ayurveda workshop, one of the participants asked me if Ayurveda would help to get rid of bad karma

My first thought: if you desperately want to get rid of something, you are resisting. Meaning: you are not accepting it and thus not letting it go. Which in turn doesn’t release the karma but amplifies its energy. And since karma is a sort of energy that comes with action and results (you get back what you send out), it’s not a good idea to ‘want to get rid of it’.

How great wouldn’t it be if we could just wash off everything we don’t like and start clean, but it’s not that simple. Humans tend to over-mentalize everything, which only creates attachment, desires, envy, etc.

But Ayurveda can help growing out of the Karma cycle, that usually runs continuously in loop. Ayurveda suggests that we include many daily rituals, such as meditation, yoga, gratitude, forgiveness, massage, balanced diet, etc. Integrating all these Ayurvedic aspects in life, will help release bad Karma and attract good Karma. (Although there is nog good or bad, it’s just action-result).

Funny is that I just stumbled across this article from the Chopra Center, that describes Karma extremely well. Since, there are no coincidences in life, I’d like to share this article with you all.

You can find the article “How does karma affect your life” here. Please read it, as it is very enlightening 🙂

If you are interested in discovering Ayurveda, my next workshops are scheduled on September 26th and October 27th. I still have some room for some more participants, so don’t hesitate to enrol, ask for info or share the info.

For those of you who wish to read more about the subject, here is a very good book explaining all the basics of Ayurveda. The author has the talent of sharing the information in a clear way, giving you all the essentials without making it too complicated. For a first intro into the matter, this book is excellent. I highly recommend adding it to your library. It’s called “The Book of Ayurveda”.

It also exists in French: “Le livre de l’Ayurveda: le guide personnel du bien-être”

I wish you some happy reading and stay tuned for the Ayurvedic massage classes coming up this winter.



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