Truth Disclosure, part I: introduction

So, here I am with the first part or introduction of a new series of articles I feel I NEED to write about. It’s important information that I want to share with you all. But I also need to write this down for myself.

The info that will follow will change your perspective on life completely. I’ve known this info for many years now, but it’s only now that it all makes sense and that it doesn’t scare me anymore. 10 years back, I wouldn’t have dared to write about these subjects, out of fear of being called crazy, losing friends or being pursued by “the ones who control our planet”. But so many people are seeing and hearing these things now. Even Donald Trump is disclosing lots of intel and info in his public speeches (And I definitely didn’t expect that from him!). So since more and more info just pops up in plain sight, it’s time to massively share what we have come to know.

The first articles will be quite negative, shocking and frustrating. But you must read the negative as well in order to understand the whole picture. As we go along all the information I want to share, you will see that I will become more and more positive. Because my final message that I want to deliver is that the human race will THRIVE. That we all possess enormous potential, but it’s underdeveloped. We are being far less than we could be for the moment. So time to change that!

But it all starts with awareness, consciousness. So here we go: 

Let’s first list all the things in our life that are a fraud:

  • money and banks
  • our food
  • water
  • medicine / pharmaceutics
  • gas industry
  • agricultural industry
  • energy sector
  • consumption society
  • politics
  • wars
  • education
  • mainstream media
  • the list is very long…. Basically everything in the Western society (or all capitalist societies is a fraud)

The positive side is:

  • There are many plant-bases and holistic medicines that are meant to heal as a whole instead of slowly destroying us
  • FREE & clean energy for everyone DOES EXIST
  • With the power of intention and faith we can achieve so much more than we think ourselves capable of
  • There are many positive initiatives to live autonomously all over the world (if you want to know more, search for the free online movie “Cultural Creatives”)
  • Food can be nourishing
  • There is abundance in nature, we must just stop human intervention and let mother earth do what she’s best at
  • We don’t need petrol or gas!
  • Water can be energised and dynamized, so that it is more nourishing
  • Change is on its way. In fact things have been changing rapidly for more than a decade now.

But all this can be quite confusing, if you don’t have all the context information. So I’m going to explain to you what kind of fraud is going on on a global scale, basically to exterminate a very large part of the population. But who wants to eradicate us? The societies in power. The ones who control the banks and the industry, who therefore control our every move… and who have a huge destructive plan with the globe.

Luckily their impact becomes less powerful and many “awakened” people see through the their game.

So this was only a very, very brief introduction. Part II will follow very soon and we disclose info on the people in power and what you really need to know about our food, medicine, lifestyle, society as it is.

I wanted to write more today, but tomorrow is my oldest son’s birthday and I need to get up early. Priorities… 🙂

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,


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