Truth disclosure PART II: what they don’t tell you…

Hi again,

Are you ready for part II?

Last article I stated a few points on which I am now going to elaborate. If you haven’t read the previous article, please start there.

As a transformational coach, I look at my clients in a very holistic way. I don’t only coach for mental balance, but also emotional, spiritual balance and overall health. This means that I also dig deep to find the most accurate information related to nutrition and everyday food.

In the beginning of my career, I only focused on mental aspects of a person and also emotional issues, but I quickly discovered for myself and others: if you don’t respect and take good care of your physical body, it’s no use working on mental health. One cannot function without the other.

So when people come to me with a burnout, I do not only help them to get out of the dark well. I also ask them to change their way of thinking, their lifestyle, their eating habits, sleeping patterns, etc.

All this intro stuff to get to one point:

The food that we buy in our supermarkets is a silent, slow but deadly poison! 

Let me elaborate on this;

  • All processed foods contain chemicals or additives that damage our physical body beyond what you can imagine. Not only that. It’s been so transformed industrially, that it’s completely dead and contains no nutriments whatsoever. If we understand how life works, than we understand that life feeds life. As a living creature, we need to consume foods that contain high levels of life energy (Prana or Qi) in order to remain healthy. Processed foods contain no more life energy, so your body gets tired trying to digest something he cannot identify or fathom.
  • E-numbers are almost all toxic to the human body. Of course, scientists and the world health organisation will tell you that it causes no harm in small doses. Problem is, if you only consume industrialised products, your ingested dosis will not be that small or insignificant.
  • Monsanto is creating all kinds of hybrid crops and seeds that are far less nutritional that your good old cabbage. They want to monopolise the crop industry and they want to control it. Luckily there are organisations stopping them, or we wouldn’t be allowed to grow our own traditional vegetables anymore. Because they want to patent every cereal, crop and seed on the planet. This is insane! Moreover, farmers are cultivating poor food! Why? Because vegetables have been genetically manipulated so they would resist better to climate conditions, bugs, etc. But what is the real problem here? -> it is a horrible vicious circle! Let me explain:
    • Because farmers are growing mono cultures (meaning: the same crop in long rows all in the same field without diversity), the crops are more subject to drought, getting attacked by bugs, exhausting the earth’s resources.
    • So farmers need to spray pesticides to protect the crops from being attacked
    • Which in turn contaminates the earth, water, and our food with toxins. Not to mention that it’s a spreading poison for all living beings!
    • Then once the crops are harvested, they turn the earth surface upside down to plant another crop. But by working the earth this way, you are weakening her even more. Because earth is set up this way, that she has many different layers and each layer plays a very important role to keep nature in balance and help vegetation grow. You shouldn’t mess with these layers. Instead you should plant on the top layer and let the vegetation find its way to the lower layers where the nutriments are.
    • Look at the example of a natural forest: the higher trees give shade to lower vegetation & feed it, and the mushrooms in turn feed the trees by digesting the fallen leaves. This is a very complex ecosystem that is perfectly designed.
    • By growing mono cultures, we completely ignore this system and force earth to produce under the worst circumstances.
    • So man decided to solve this problem by scientifically creating more resisting crops.
    • Can’t we see that this is not a solution, but will only cause more pollution and problems on planet earth?
    • If you want to know how to grow your own vegetables without effort and 100% natural, then dig into the topic of “Permaculture”. You’ll be amazed. I started last year and you can’t imagine the abundance of vegetables, edible flowers and fruits we have. Not to mention the difference in taste from what you buy in the supermarket!
  • All our food in the supermarket contains far too much sugar and salt than what we can possibly process. The sugar is causing all kinds of illnesses and obesity.
  • The global marketing of the Western world has also tricked us in consuming too much. In wanting more of everything! And with expanded stomachs and bowels we find it very hard to come to a more healthy diet again.
  • Our foods contain all kinds of products that make us addicted to it! Our brain tells us we want more, or we can’t stop. Because it’s has been tricked into an addiction. Did you know that sugar is as addictive as cocaine???
  • The meat and fish we eat are also killing us! Not only are the meat and dairy industries the biggest polluters on the planet, the meat we get on our plate is also sick. The animals endure such a terrible life that the meat is charged with severe negative emotions and in turn gets us aggressive or depressed. But just like with the mono cultures, the animals live together in very small surfaces, they give diseases to each other. They are treated with antibiotics, which in turn create antibiotic resisting bacterias.
  • How about all the myths we get fed with at school? Like: “Drink milk for strong bones”. Dairy products are BAD for us! We as humans are not designed to drink milk that is being produced for another species. Our babies can digest their mother’s milk, just as calves drink the cow’s milk. But drinking cow’s milk as a human as just absurd! The milk contains enough fat and casein to get a new born calve on its legs after a few hours and weighing a few hundred kilos. Why on earth would you feed THAT to a new born baby that is growing much more slowly (because of our human species being designed like that).
  • And it’s not that we don’t know this: plenty of information is spread out about the food topic, yet most people remain passive. A lot of people just continue doing what they were doing, as if all this info is not really sinking in…

I can continue an endless list here of foods that are slowly killing us. Even the Independent published an article in 2016 on the toxicity of our food. We’ve been talking about it for YEARS, yet nothing seems to change.

Why? Because the people in power don’t want it to change!

The people who are in power (and I’m not talking about a country president or local politicians, because they are just puppets!) actually WANT us to die!

They have this plan for humanity that is utterly destructive. So they are trying to kill us in more than one subtle ways but they won’t be able to continue doing this for long. More about this in the final part of this series.

Let’s say that because it is very convenient for these in power that humans keep dying of all kinds of cancers and diseases, they don’t want to see anything changed.

So they’ve manipulated all layers of economy, politics and more, to keep poisoning us with our food, by pushing toxic vaccines on us, by giving us medical treatments that won’t really cure us, etc.

Actually, we our put in a very controlled environment in which Big Brother is watching our every move, and we are made to believe all kinds of false information, so that we would remain docile and quiet.

So we think that our food is healthy while it’s not. We are made to think that Western medicine is here to help us, while in fact it’s just taking away one symptom, but creating lots of other side effects. And it’s not really healing us. It’s just like a cover-up band-aid so that we focus on something else instead of on our own overall health.

Than we are being told all kinds of false stories about diseases so that we would all nicely have all our kids vaccinated. While in fact it has been proven many times that vaccines are linked to autism, sudden death syndrome, etc.

Hell, my kid had a post-vaccine reaction 2 years after his first vaccine! Luckily by then, I had an excellent homeopathic doctor that gave my son a long homeopathic treatment to counter the toxic effects of the vaccines. Since then, my son is normal again (his stool was white back then, he wouldn’t heal correctly (liver intoxicated) and he suddenly had some autistic traits). And my second born son (who I didn’t vaccinate) showed nothing of the sorts. And while many kids walk around with the measles, he has nothing…

If you want to learn more about the cases and charges pressed against this vaccine lobby, then you must watch “Vaxxed, the truth about vaccines”. It is hallucinating. Especially we you suddenly realise that 1 in 3 boys in the USA will have autism in only a couple of years from now. The number is exponentially growing!!

Another thing: did you know that you can heal from cancer in a completely natural way? No need for chemotherapy or radiation (which is just another trick to keep you living as a sheep or to let you die slowly)!

As Hippocrate said: “Let food be thy medicine”, but grow your own food then! Hippocrates didn’t refer to today’s industrialised for obviously. But don’t you think it’s strange that the founder of medicine, on which all doctors today swear an oath, tried to find all cures in food and plants, while doctors today don’t even have a single course on plants or food in their 7 (or more) years of study??? Why do you think that is?

In short: plants are too complex and available for free. They can’t be patented, so it’s better to chemically recreate just parts of a plant’s substance, which is far more profitable. And since the pharmaceutical industry is in the hands of those in power, they are the ones creating the medicine courses, to make sure that only the information THEY want doctors to spread is in there. They would be crazy to integrate courses on natural medicine or the power of the subconscious mind, because that would give way too much power to humans.

Actually, the whole pharmaceutical world is one big profitable business. It doesn’t matter what you have, there will always be some kind of profit to make on you. All the drugs in the world are not designed to heal you but to make money. Most drugs are designed to keep us from thinking on our own, to block our intuition, to keep us dazed or gassed so we don’t really realise what’s going on in the world.

Even the fluoride in our tooth paste has a purpose. no, not to protect our teeth, but to calcify our pineal gland, the gland we use to get intuitive information and to access divine parts of ourselves. More on this later.

I’m only getting started here. This is going to be a long series!

But for now, I’ll let you digest this stuff before moving on to the next topic. As I told in the previous article: the first ones are quite pessimistic and negative, but keep in mind that I will be ending on some very positive notes! So keep reading please!

First I want to inform you, then I’ll show you what can be done by each and everyone of us and which opportunities lie ahead.

Happy digesting,


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