Truth Disclosure, part III

Hi there,

Wow what a week. Did you feel it too? The energy of the past weeks was incredible. It felt like a combination of chaos, overwhelming noises, too much going on. And yet, if you’ve put your energy in the right things, it all seems to go smoothly, fluently with little miracles coming your way every day.

A lot is happening on the planet and in the universe now, folks. We’ve been feeling it very intensely for months now and the energy shifts ask us to change too. To release old patterns, question our ways, improve / develop ourselves spiritually. Keep an open mind, learn to see beyond the system that is imposed on us, and you’ll see wonderful things!

So last article, I left off saying that, basically, our whole system (capitalism, banking system, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, oil & gas industry, etc.) is corrupt and in hands of criminals with only one master plan in mind: keep us small and under control, get us sick and dependent (the more people die or are kept sick, the better). And we are kept so busy with fake media, social media, work, and much more, that we don’t have time to develop our true potential or ask the essential (right) questions. It’s all done on purpose, don’t be fooled. It is REALLY a strategic plan.

Why? Because humans are incredibly powerful beings. We are capable of the unimaginable. There are other beings that wish they could have our potential, and they don’t understand why we are so mentally dispersed and prevent ourselves from being divine beings. But to those in power, it wouldn’t be interesting to have a planet full of divine beings. Because then we wouldn’t need them anymore and there would be much more peace & light. They want to prevent that from happening.

Who are THEY, that I’m referring to? THEY are often called the Cabal, or some talk about the Illuminati and/or the Freemasons. But they’re all one and the same, one group of holders of power working together very well to prevent us from achieving our true potential. The Cabal is like a giant octopus with tentacles spreading everywhere throughout the world.

Just like in all other civilisations, it is a dangerous thing to have one group in control of the majority. In our case, it’s like a world-scale, well-hidden dictatorship. Don’t be fooled by democracy and our wars for freedom: there is no such thing as democracy and good wars. You think we have to be scared of terrorists? Well let me tell you this: the suicide bombers and terrorists you are seeing on TV are not the ones we should be afraid of. They are just a show, puppets in a movie. The war on terrorism was just another smart creation of the Cabal.

If you are interesting in knowing more about the Cabal and everything they are hiding from us, I would recommend you to listen to the interviews with David Wilcock. Or to other interviews with whistleblowers. Now, you don’t have to believe me or him or anyone. Our role is just to inform you.

A lot of us are sensing planetary changes (not only has the frequency of the earth changed to a higher vibration, but alternative peaceful systems are also emerging everywhere), humanity evolvement, more people awakening. And as a result the Cabal’s power is weakening. They are losing control over a lot of us. Many people have already decided to live outside of the system. It is really inspiring to see. Check out the free documentary: The Cultural Creatives if you also want to get inspired.

Let me get back to why I need to share this info. A lot of us believe that a time will come (and probably pretty soon) in which the whole truth will be revealed and the system will collapse. It will make room for a better, more sustainable and peaceful system. But if you haven’t been prepared to the truth, if what I’m sharing is shocking you and you can’t believe it, then imagine what will happen when the whole truth (much! more than I’m revealing to you) will be spread out globally. A lot of people will become furious, depressed, and completely confused. Such an angry uprising can cause even more chaos.

So the more people have heard parts of the truth, the calmer we will be able to react when the system collapses. It’s no use resisting change, LIFE IS CHANGE. So being prepared, accepting what is and will happen, will make the transition to the new system far more comfortable.

Next article, I will give you a lot more insights on all those topics that have been hiding in plain sight from you. Topics that are important for our development, but that we tend to believe as “fake”, “imaginary”, which is indoctrination. Oh yes, and for those of you waiting impatiently for another healthy recipe: don’t worry, I will probably share a recipe with you soon, in between this series of articles 😉

Now, as an introduction to my next article and as an ending of this one, let me share with you how the current system works…

Whatever the Cabal is up to with us, they are bound to certain universal and cosmic laws. Which means they cannot execute their evil plan without telling us about it. They are bound to show us in detail what their are up to and they need our consent before they can execute this plan. I hear you think “huh? I never gave my consent”. Well, actually you did, we ALL did. We gave our consent when we accepted to evolve to an industrial era, and then to an IT era, where our only focus became work, competition, pressure, and all that to get more. More food, more comfort, more wealth. So when we were offered fast food, that fit our new fast lifestyle perfectly, and we bought it. (Now, before that era, we were obviously also under a dictatorship: that of the Churches and religions, up until the Renaissance. When some awakened missionaries tried to overthrow the Church’s power, another equally evil world order immediately arose: let’s put all our faith in SCIENCE now! Coincidence? No! The Vatican is also Cabal, and true scientist that explore the quantum physics, free energy, etc are being silenced or sabotaged (read the true story about TESLA or Einstein, if you are interested) …)

And oh, how we love the big Hollywood movies! You see, the Cabal is very smart. They need to expose their plan? Tell us the truth? Ask for our consent? What better way then to show it in plain sight, but disguised as being science fiction or fantasy. And with all the bling bling and the special effects (and our brains being numb as well by our chemical products surrounding us), we consume all this information, all this movies, and think “wow, I’m impressed”. And here’s are consent again.

What does this really mean??? That all major best-sellers and movies have A LOT of truth in them. You’ve seen the Matrix? Which pill did you choose? The blue or red? Having a Deja-Vu? What’s that all about? And then of course, you have all the movies about UFOs, aliens, robots and AI, creatures from other dimensions, FBI and CIA cases, world destruction movies, global virus outbreaks, and the list goes on. Ever since, I was a little kid, I asked myself: “Where do these writers get their inspiration from? How are they able to conceive such books and films about creatures from other realms?”

Because, our human brain (the mental aspect of us) can only visualise and create visuals about things we have already seen or conceived. You cannot imagine what chakras look like, until you have seen a picture or drawing about it. People who get visions, get it in images of things that are known/common to them. If there wasn’t any literature on aliens, you would probably not think about it or you would maybe not imagine them with big heads or big eyes. If you do imagine them like that, than that image was already implanted in your brain somewhere. And it might be in another form: for example, your history books show you pictures of the Egyptians with special eyes and big elongated hats, as if their head had a very oval-ish form. Are you following me here?

This means the inspiration for most movies has come out of existing images or knowledge…

You were a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies or Harry Potter? Lots of truths & wisdom in these movies, even major hints for our own full development!

And what is it with all this pop idols and their freaky video clips? Again: signs hiding in plain sight.

So if you were planning on watching a good classic movie like E.T. this evening, maybe you’ll look at the movie differently. Try to read and listen between the lines. Every movie has a message to humanity, whether positive or negative.

And ending on this note, I’ll leave you at that, but I’ll be back soon with information on all kinds of creatures and beings that inhabit our beautiful planet. In the meantime, I’ll let you digest this info. And I wish you an excellent weekend, full of joyful moments.

May the force be with you 😉


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