Truth Disclosure, part IV:a look into other realms

Did you enjoy this radiant full moon last night (25th of September) as much as I did?

It was incredible: all the lights were turned off in the house and it was still light. I could even see my (black) horses grazing in the dark, which is quite exceptional.  That’s how bright the moon was yesterday!

Some amazing things have happened to me on Monday, Tuesday AND today Wednesday. These experiences guide me to write and structure this article.

Let me first give you an overview of what I’m going to discuss with you today:

  • We might not be descendants from apes
  • There are many creatures living amongst us
  • We ALL have the ability to communicate intuitively

Ok, now that the tone is set, let’s dig deeper.

Where do humans really come from?

I cannot give you exact and precise information here. There are other sites that give valuable information about this topic only, and some visions differ from one another. But I can tell you, as I mentioned before, a lot of our stories, fairytales, mythology, religious texts are based on truth.

After the Renaissance, our rational mind was idolised and so every explanation had to become rational and scientific. Thanks to the Descartes, we were lead to think in a Cartesian way, and this is still very much alive today.

This means that ancient texts, drawings, hieroglyphs, wall drawings, paintings, and even ancient architecture as well as architectural discoveries were studied from a perspective of explaining it rationally. So: the Gods depicted were interpreted as religious deities in which ancient civilisations believed and were put off as non-existent, living only in the books and minds of people.

Again, I repeat: it is inconceivable for men to picture something if the mind hasn’t already sensed, seen, dreamed or heard about this something.

If we start reading and interpreting religious books, ancient scriptures & drawings literally, we discover a whole new meaning.

Open your mind even more for a second, let it all in. Why can’t we take certain hieroglyphic drawings literally? What’s the risk? Are we still afraid of being ridiculous? Come on! The way we are living today: over-consuming, destroying our planet, destroying each other, living in constant fear, agony, jealousy, competition, eating food that’s killing us, cutting ourselves off from our true potential, etc. Now, that’s ridiculous!

Don’t you find it strange that up until today, no human beings were able to reproduce the pyramids? At least, not with the exact preciseness, angels and dimensions as the ancient ones found all over the world, on every continent.

Has it ever occurred to you that some of the depicted Gods might have been real beings with real powers? If we look objectively at our evolution, there no way our ancient civilisations could have achieved what they achieved without help. And almost every ancient civilisation shows us about powerful creatures of beings guiding mankind and giving opportunities to mankind. Which men, and sometimes other powerful beings, exploited and then got punished. Vanished entirely or got extinct. You see the same kind of stories everywhere on the globe, regardless whether these cultures were in contact or not. As a matter of fact, most cultures were spread out in different places and had no contact with other cultures and yet the stories coincide.

And it’s actually not even hard to conceive: if you see Mother Earth as a sort of Goddess, then you can also see how she is rebelling, and punishing the humans who are destroying her. Through the means of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes erupting, etc. Also trees and animal species are sending us clear messages!

So could it also be possible that we had help from humanoid beings that were far more advanced that the human race in our evolution?

Some of us suggest we had help from extraterrestrials. Others talk about intraterrestrials and yet other talk about Godlike beings. Whether the one or the other, doesn’t really matter. What is interesting to discover, is that all theories amount to the same conclusion: that at one point several “species” intertwined and reproduced new “races/species”, which resulted in a very varied mixture of humans, human races and other beings.

And our planet would actually look like in the Movie “Men in Black”: our planet is inhabited by a splendid diversity of humans, all kinds of extraterrestrials of all sizes, interspecies mixes, reptilians, etc. but all “dressed-up” or presenting themselves as the Human Race. Only a trained “Man in Black” could see the difference 😉

If you are still reading this series, you must be someone who’s very open and who is about ready to hear anything. And if it makes sense to you, you’ll consider it. By now, it must be clear to you, from what you might have read elsewhere, that the US government is analysing and dissecting hundreds of different alien species. There have been sufficient whistleblowers for the past 40 years that have talked about their secret governmental jobs and what they saw and had to do.

But you should also know that our planet is magical and that it’s not only inhabited by minerals, plants, animals and humans, but also by nature spirits, elementals, angels, extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials, etc.

And that lot of our human history is linked to the history of the Lemurians and the Atlantides. If it is the first time you hear about Lemurians, think “Avatar”: blue, tall & thin creatures that connected deeply to each other and to nature.

And yes, Atlantis did exist. I invite you to read about the Lemurians, the civilisation from Atlantis, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Andromedas, Sirians, etc. Just type in one of these civilisations in Google and you’ll already find plenty of information.

It is even believed that some Atlantides and Lemurians survived and there are living inside our earth. The entrances to their realms are protected and only few of us were ever able to discover them and to enter or meet them. But thanks to those few, we know a little more about them. Many years ago, many highly sensitive and awakened humans received hints and messages and a lot was kept secret. Now, since the end of the nineties all of them got the “OK” to spread out and share all this information. As our planet is shifting, moving in higher frequencies, higher vibrations and with humans evolving into a spiritual era, this information needs to be shared, in order for us to evolve faster and to understand the universe better.

Then there are the creatures of this earth that are here to help us, help Gaia (earth) and protect certain gates, portals or lines:

  • Dragons
  • Fairies
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Trolls
  • wyverns
  • sirens
  • gargoyles
  • Hybrid species
  • Angels
  • Archangels

Most of these creatures live only under etheric form and don’t have a physical dimension or body. That is why most ordinary people can’t see them. Although you can be initiated and with practice, all of us can be able to see, feel, or hear them.

Etheric means that they have only an etheric body. We humans have a physical body surrounded by an etheric body. If you place your hand against a white paper or wall and you let your eyes go into a stare, you will see a sort of white glow around your fingers. That glow is your etheric body. Etheric bodies are flow-y and vague and can move around like ghosts floating through the air, either slowly or very quickly.

It goes without saying that most of these creatures live in forests, close to nature & rivers. A crowded city is usually not their favourite hangout.

If you open up your intuition or 6th sense, you can learn to see or feel them and to communicate with them. They are filled with good intentions and love. They all have different kinds of missions, such as protecting trees, clearing negative parasites from sites, protecting earth and us humans, bringing harmony, and much more.

Their only problem is: since they don’t possess a physical body like we do they are limited in what they can do. For example: if a forest is piling up with plastic waste from polluting humans, they can’t remove these and throw them away. So they need us to do that. That’s why sometimes, they will try to contact us to show us that they need our help. Most of the time they are so generous and caring that they will give us a healing or an energetic boost, or help us with emotional blocks. They usually don’t ask anything in return, but it is up to us (if we have a kind heart) to ask what we can do for them as well. And then sometimes you get surprising answers.

Intuitive communication is actually easy to learn, but it’s hard to keep our rational mind and our EGO out. We are intuitive and instinctive beings so it’s in our nature to communicate intuitively. For example: how many times have you passed by your plants thinking “Oh, I should water them today”. Is it you or is it the plants putting the thought into your mind? Or how many people have I heard looking at their pet , saying “What’s the matter, are you hungry?”. Yes, our pets are talking to us constantly. And they get really frustrated because most of the time we won’t even hear it or we get a hunch and then our rational mind goes “Come on, you’re making this up, it’s not real.” So we were born with the gift to communicate intuitively and we forgot how it works and how to use it. If you want to learn more about this type of communication or you want to get some details on some of the creatures mentioned above, then please mail me or comment below. It’ll be my pleasure to respond. It is really a magical world out there! 

Actually, all the wise men that have roamed this earth, such as shamans, druids, wizards, sages, tribe elders have always known this. They were always in contact with nature and its spirits. Asking them for advice and help, respecting the earth, utilising the earth’s resources (plants, herbs) to heal. They KNOW and we can too. So here’s the part where I come to the positive side of my series: yes we are all lied to, manipulated, incarcerated in a deceitful and limiting society. We are denied our true liberty, we are kept stupid and confined, we are fed poisonous chemicals, horrible vaccines and industrial foods. But we don’t have to accept this!

By learning about all these wonders of life, by opening up all of our senses, we discover some other worlds and hidden truths. We find ways to get out of the system with one foot and come in contact with worlds full of kindness, love, devotion and harmony. We can learn how to develop our senses. We can train ourselves to vibrate on higher frequencies so that we are aligned with other higher dimensions. We can be receptive to messages from the spirits of nature, or messages from outer worlds. And we can do something with these messages.

We can adopt a healthier lifestyle (on all levels) and we can inspire others. Once we start living with one foot in a higher dimension, we start attracting new people in our lives. People that think alike and that help us along the road to spiritual awakening. We don’t feel so confined anymore. We attract miracles and abundance. Because, YES, we were designed to live in abundance. ALL of US. We have the right to be unique. We have the right to do whatever we want. We have the potential to do whatever we want. We are the only beings that can both connect on earth level and on cosmic level, isn’t that amazing? Many other beings envy us for that! Especially because we don’t make any use of it!

So in my final article, I will share with you some practical tips and advice to activate your awakening mode. You’re probably already halfway there, since otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article 😉

So cheer up, there’s a lot for us to do and these are very challenging and defying times for us, full of opportunities! So instead of fulfilling the cabal’s wish – that if the truth comes to light (ALL the truth) we would all be so shocked and outraged that we would kill ourself, start another counter-war, or just become utterly depressed – we should embrace the chaos for what it is, look for the truth, get informed as much as possible. So that nothing can shock us anymore and so that by accepting it, we are spurred to change ourselves and the world around us. By accepting the truth and the chaos, we discover new paths, we develop our full potential and we become invincible! 

I wish you all a pleasant night.



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