Truth Disclosure: final

It’s been a while since you heard from me… I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for this final article. As you might have noticed yourself, time is going extremely fast these days and it’s sometimes difficult to get everything done on your to do list.

The past few weeks, I have been caught up by my family, my training, my classes and coaching, my horses and dogs, practical stuff & lots of laundry as well 😉

Each time I promise myself that I will blog weekly, I fail to do so. So I just have to let go and stop making promises I can’t keep, hehe.

But back to our series of truth disclosure:

we are living amidst periods of heavy chaos, fast change, overwhelming lives, evolution. Interesting times actually, but not always easy to remain centred and aligned during those times. We tend to get dispersed and to put energy in the wrong actions.

As to cut a long history short: we are now at the point where the Atlantides were just before their world collapsed and their civilisation disappeared.


Do you all know the story? Atlantis was a very ancient (one of the first, yet very modern) civilization. They possessed immense knowledge and cutting edge technology. At some point they got submerged by their own technology. The wise and unconditional love dedicated to the collective, transformed into more and more individualism, gain for power and materialistic possessions. Technology become more important than humanity, and so there civilisation collapsed. It became consumed by greed, envy, power abuse, etc.

Whether you believe this civilisation truly existed or not, doesn’t matter. It’s still an interesting comparison or metaphor.

And today we hear about pollution, global warming, corrupt elites, industrial food that is killing us all, pesticides, wild animals all on their way to extinction, etc.

We must act today, and here’s how:

We cannot expect a whole human race to change overnight, but we can change ourselves. And by emanating these changes, by being radiant and conscious, we inspire others. If we all are able to inspire 10 other people, that in turn will change as well, then imagine how significant this is!

So here’s my bullet list of how we can change ourselves and inspire others to avoid the same mistake as Atlantis and hopefully avoid a full planetary collapse. (Capitalism will collapse, that’s for sure, because it can only come up with solutions that are destructive in order to maintain the capitalist status quo, so it’s a system that can’t last forever).

  • Try to step out of anger and frustration as much as possible. Instead forgive those who hurt you and especially forgive yourself.
  • Try to switch to the state of unconditional love as much as you can (by having quality time for yourself, with your family, enjoying art & nature, looking at life through caring eyes instead of judging eyes)
  • Be mindful as often as possible (see other articles or youtube films for tips)
  • Try to eat vegan as often as possible: cook simply, according to seasons. We have been over consuming for decades, it’s time to stop buying all that junk and to just enjoy an apple, a salad, some bread, …  Limit your meat and dairy consumption and you will already reduce your carbon footprint drastically.
  • Connect with nature: have long walks, talk to animals, listen to the birds, watch the plants and trees, sit still in the middle of the forest or the park, …
  • Do grounding and centering exercises as often as you can. Yoga is grounding and centering, but there are many other ways to do so. You can also do visualisations and see yourself as well-aligned, vertical with all chakras and subtle bodies balanced and aligned to a column that is connecting you to earth and cosmos.
  • Drink lots of water (not tap water!!) to cleanse yourself
  • Do regular purifying & protection rituals (cleanse house and yourself with white sage for example)
  • Meditate whenever you can
  • Put on healing music and nature sounds instead of radio junk
  • Be kind to yourself and to others
  • To one thing everyday that inspires you or pleases you
  • Perform community acts: share something with someone, help someone out, give to charity
  • Don’t let negative people take you down. Just let them be, forgive them and move on.
  • You may want to practice Ho’oponopono in difficult times, by looking at the situation and saying “I’m sorry – forgive me – thank you – I love you”
  • Avoid screens, mainstream media, drugs & chemicals, industrial food, cell phones (as often as you can)
  • Be thankful for what you have & try to see everyday miracles happening to you (even if it’s really small)
  • Focus on the good things in life: the animals & forests that are being saved, the changes that are happening now, the many communities and associations rising from the ground to save our planet and so on
  • But most importantly: focus on you -> love yourself the way you are, respect yourself, cherish yourself, cuddle yourself. It all starts with you. If you cannot truly & completely love yourself, how can you expect to love other unconditionally?


And remember: there is always a dark side. You can only know light if you also acknowledge the dark. Just like the yin-yang symbol, every darkness has its core of light and in every light side, there is also a core of darkness. The two are intertwined. But instead of living in duality (right and wrong, light and dark, good and bad) we need to unify both forces into one harmonious force (the structure inside the chaos, the creativity emerging from both) just like to Taoist symbol joins both sides into a circle, which is without beginning or end.


We need the dragon as much as we need the phoenix. While the one is protecting, the other is healing. But both have claws and both can be fierce. Both can also be kind and compassionate.

Just as we know that we can become aggressive and brutal, we can acknowledge it, but choose to be kind and compassionate. We only use our claws when we are truly being attacked by something with bad intentions. But we don’t need to use these claws on children, animals, any innocent living creature!

In January 2019, I am starting a one year training to transform yourself and develop your full human and divine potential. Information can be found on my website, don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish more info. My objective is to help people make the change, to share the tools that will make your life more fulfilled and happier.

The chaos will remain for a while longer, but we can transform this chaos into a transformational wave, an evolution towards more consciousness, wisdom and love. It is our mission, it is our birth right. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been born in these times.


Lots of love,




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