Purification & Protection rituals

We are living in times of great acceleration. What used to take us years to manifest (through visualisations, affirmations or rituals), is now materialising almost instantly. What you send out as negative thoughts is reflected instantly and the positive things you share and give are returned to you shortly after through small daily miracles.

The planet’s frequency is higher, has accelerated and the vibrations or the energy on earth and in our galaxy are different. Every new moon and full moon has a tremendous impact on us. We are being forced to clear old patterns, do some introspection and clean up our personal mess. Ley-Lines-Earth-Flower-of-life

A lot of people that are not willing to face any more changes, who are not willing to change old patterns, are (slowly) dying.

Basically, I believe we’re going through a major energy and consciousness shift, and it’s as if earth is going through a huge cleansing phase. So in a way that’s positive, but it can also be hard, tough, uncomfortable, chaotic. Especially if you have some negative (or dying) people around you.

That’s why I think it is of utmost importance to regularly protect and cleanse ourself.

Here are some protection & purifying rituals listed for you:

  • Visualisations:
    • if you are good at visualising, then this is a great tool to protect AND cleanse yourself! You could for example visualise that you step through an etheric shower, cleansing you when you walk through it.
    • Or imagine a golden sort of mesh that will filter all negativity starting at your feet and going up to your head, which you then throw away towards the sun to get burnt.
    • Or you can call on Archangel Michael’s little helpers and visualise tiny little angels all flying up to you with tiny vacuums and sucking all the negativity and pollution in their tiny vacuum cleaners. (this actually works really well 🙂 but it does sound very strange)
  • Using purifying plants & oils:
    • White sage is well-known for its cleansing and protecting properties. You can dry your own sage or buy it already dried, and burn it. The smoke will cleanse your house or yourself. A powerful way to do space clearing in your house is by walking around with your lighted sage and spread the thick smoke everywhere, especially in the corners of the rooms. Let the smoke hang there for a while, then open all the windows to let all the smoke out and the fresh air in.
    • Candles (real ones, not synthetic ones) also have strong protection qualities. Whenever you feel polluted (or the environment), light a candle and let the flame do its work. Or light many candles in all corners if necessary
    • Essential oils are also strong protectors and purifiers: lavender, lemon, vetiver, spikenard, … Just place a drop on your wrists, or a drop in your water with which you clean the floor.
    • Cactus plants on the window sills (close to front door) will keep away unwanted people from visiting you!
  • Connecting to earth:
    • One of my favourites: go outside barefoot on the grass or earth and feel the earth under your feet. You can also visualise that you have roots coming out of the soles of your feet that are deeply rooted into earth. Likewise, you can picture a tube of light connecting you to the cosmic energies. images-2
    • Long walks in a forest or alongside a river is also cleansing
    • Sitting against the trunk of a tree (ask permission to the tree first!) and be silent for a moment
  • Using sound:
    • Sound can have an extremely intense purifying power! You can use Feng Shui Cymbals, a tuning fork, a gong, a crystal or tibetan singing bowl, bells, chimes, …
    • Feng-Shui-Tingsha-Tibetan-Meditation-Cymbal-Bell-W2037-3.jpg_640x640Sound is also excellent to use for space clearing. Just like with the sage, go around the house and in every corner of every room and let the vibration of the bells or bowls cleanse the energy. The vibration of the bells pierces through stagnating or negative energies and helps the natural flow of the QI to circulate again.
    • Mantras: that you put on as music or sing yourself
  • Stones:
    • A back tourmaline will absorb the negative energy of negatively charged electromagnetic devices or of people. It will also help you ground
    • A cristal quartz is a must have in the house. Especially crystal clusters (also called geodes) have a powerful effect
    • Howlite will take away your hyperactivity or nervousness linked to an overstimulating or negative environment
    • Amber or stones that are yellowish have a solar power: bringing warmth, joy, strength
    • Basically any stone can do the job, if you take the time to make the stone your own and give it a specific function. You can assign a specific role or function to every stone. You just need to ask it of the stone and really believe it.

There are, of course, plenty more ways to protect and cleanse yourself. So if you want to ask for a technique that is not listed here, feel free to comment below and ask me for extra tips.

Please, also comment on your own rituals, as it is very interesting for everyone to learn about other ways.

If you liked this article and are interested in reading more articles like this one then drop a message. I will gladly dedicate some time to write other similar articles.

I will soon be back with a new healthy recipe again, since that’s been a while.

In the meantime, take care and remember to protect yourself! 🙂



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