Merry Christmas!

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Dear followers,

Today I am reminding myself and my readers that Christmas is all about love and peace.

Christmas was taken over by Christians, but it is actually (before christianity or catholicism) Yule that we are celebrating, or the Winter Solstice. Because after this longest night of the year, the days become longer again. The light returns.

So this is what we are actually celebrating: the return of the light! So already in ancient times, houses were decorated with lights, or huge bonfires were lit. Houses or villages were decorated with pine trees as well. Because in the winter all the plants and lots of animals are having a winter sleep. There’s not much green to find, except for pine trees and related trees. Hence, today’s tradition of putting up the Christmas tree.

So to celebrate life and light, we honour this special day.


Take a moment to really enjoy this moment this end of year. It’s not about buying gifts and having the most beautiful tree. It’s about stopping, pausing for a moment, and then spend this moment with the people you care about. Let the light into your heart, let the love in.

Look back at this year and list up all the good things you did and what you learned from all your experiences. Accept what is, love yourself. Forgive yourself and everyone around you and be thankful. That’s how some inner darkness becomes light again.

This end of the year, give compliments as much as you want. See how it will brighten other people’s day. Share with the poor if you can. Enjoy the moment.

You are a beautiful and kind person and I love you!

Merry Christmas or Happy Yule!


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