Recipes from my stress-free meal plan: try out these delicious recipes today!

As promised in my last post, I told you I would share all my recipes of the meal plan with you. I decided to combine several recipes into 1 post, because it will be easier to group everything. So if you have started already with the meal plan, here are the recipe detail for most suppers and desserts. All amounts are based on preparing a meal for a family of 4.

Leek and Jerusalem artichoke risotto


2 leeks

5-10 Jerusalem artichokes (depending on their size)

250-300g of risotto rice

Some lemon (juice)


vegetable stock


Cut the leeks into slices, wash thoroughly and then stir-fry them in a bit of oil (make sure the pan is big enough to include risotto).

After a couple of minutes, add the risotto rice and stir for one minute. Then add the vegetable stock (make sure all rice and leeks are covered in water/stock). You may also add one step to the recipe: first add some white wine, let the rice absorb it for a few minutes and then add the stock.

Leave the risotto to simmer and cook. It is best to cover the pan with a lid otherwise, the water will evaporate. If you notice that there’s no more water but the rice isn’t cooked yet, then add some more stock.

Meanwhile, wash your Jerusalem artichokes and cut them into thin slices (you don’t have to peel them). Lay the slices on a baking tray covered with a baking sheet. Sprinkle some salt, pepper and oil over the tray (also paprika if you’re a fan of more pronounced spices) and put the J-chokes in the over for about 15-20 min at 145°C. This will depend greatly on your oven. Keep an eye on your J-chokes. The goal is to get some cooked and slightly crispy slices. img_20180302_193531

This is how the Jerusalem Artichokes should look like:

Crunch the hazelnuts into tiny bits.

When the risotto is done, taste it and add some salt, pepper and lemon juice to your own convenience. Serve some risotto with leek on a plate, add some Jerusalem artichokes to the platter and top with some hazelnuts. You can now feast off this delicious meal.


Vegan chocolate mousse

Next time you make humus, don’t throw out the juice from the chickpeas’ can. This liquid found in all the cans containing peas or beans, is called Aquafaba.

This liquid can very easily be whipped into an airy white mousse, just like egg whites.

This will be the foundation of all your mousses. For the chocolate mousse, melt some very dark chocolate “au bain Marie” while you whip the aquafaba into a white mousse. Once the chocolate is melted and has cooled down a bit, add it gently to the mousse and very gently stir until your mousse and chocolate have combined into one mixture. If you are a sweet-tooth then add some maple syrup as well to the mixture.

Poor the mixture into 4 glasses and refrigerate for 1 hour. You will have delicious and healthy chocolate mousse with a perfect texture. No one will notice the difference with the classic chocolate mousse, except that it will be lighter to digest and better for your body weight 😉


Mexican style filled Bell Peppers (paprika) with basmati rice


4 Bell Peppers (you can choose which colour. i like to mix red, yellow and green ones. Last time I used the long, red, sweet paprikas)

Basmati rice for 4 people

Substitute ground beef (either soy-based ground bits, corn-based, or tofu rosso)

Vegetables of choice, Mexican style: corn, red beans, mushrooms, carrots, …

Spices: paprika, cayenne pepper, salt & pepper, curcuma (turmeric)

Orion and garlic


1 small can of Tomato paste

Vegetable stock

For Guacamole to accompany: one avocado, juice of one lime, same spices as above, one clove of garlic and optionally some (vegan) cream cheese with herbs. Mix all together for a smooth guacamole.


Cut all bell peppers in half and take out the seeds. Put some water on to boil for the rice.

Prepare some vegetable stock (one cup is enough). Cut your vegetables (mushrooms and carrots) into thin slices. Preheat your oven at 180°C.

Slice the onion and garlic into thin pieces. Bake them in a bit of oil until golden. Then add the substitute ground beef and all the spices. If you have chosen to add carrots, then add carrots at this stage as well.

Let simmer for a couple of minutes then add the mushrooms. After another minute add the can of tomato paste and the vegetable stock. Stir well until the stock and tomato paste have blended into a sauce. Add all the other vegetables and let simmer until all vegetables are tender.

Put your halved bell peppers into an oven pan or glass tray. Fill them up with your preparation and put in the oven until the bell peppers are done (they should be tender, yet still slightly crispy. Depending on your oven, this will take approximately 10-15 minutes).

In the meantime, cook your basmati rice and prepare the guacamole.

Serve half a bell pepper per person (to start with 😉 ) with the rice and the guacamole on top. Enjoy!

Last time I made this, it was so good that we forgot to take a picture. I only took a picture when we were nearly finished.


The yellow on top is some vegan cheese we added and grilled on top. This is optional. It is as good without the cheese.




Chia Pudding with red fruits topping:


Chia seeds (1 cup)

Almond milk (2 to 3 cups)


Peanut butter (1 spoonful)

Maple syrup (1-2 spoons)

vanilla essence (1 tea spoon)

mix of red fruits


Poor the almond milk, peanut butter, vanilla essence and maple syrup into your blender and blend together. Add the chia seeds and blend a few seconds more, but not too long otherwise the seeds will loose their thickening effect. It is also better to soak the seeds overnight or for a few hours in water, but it also works without doing this. The soaking will enhance the seeds’ nutriments.

Then poor this mixture into glasses or bowls and let it refrigerate for a couple of hours (best is to prepare the evening before).

Mix your red fruits in the blender with some water to make the topping.

The following morning, grab a bowl of pudding, poor some red fruits topping over it and add some more peanut butter if you want and enjoy this delicious and energising breakfast.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back soon with more recipes!

Let me know how it worked out for you and if you enjoyed it!



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