Re-organising my life (and my mind) :-)

Hi everyone,

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post, apologies for that. I was entirely disconnected from Internet during the month of July. I worked one week abroad, followed by two weeks of vacation with the family.

I really wanted to spend some time with my kids and partner, so there was no time for blogging. After that, my mother (who lives in Spain) visited us and we had a party for her 60th birthday. And then I started preparing and re-organizing myself for what’s coming: As of the 1st of September I will be running my activities completely self-employed. For the past years, I was combining a part time job at a university college with my activities as coach.

So I’ve been really busy and have in the meantime also completed several trainings in energetic healing.

For those of you who don’t know me very well: I started out 7 years ago with my horse-project. Before 2011, I was running a translation agency and was doing plenty of yuppy things but none of them were making me happy. I was chasing after time, felt like I was not present enough for my first boy, for my partner, for my work, etc. Soon, I realised I was living someone else’s life instead of my own. Worrying more about pleasing others than myself. I nearly got a burn-out, but luckily I listened to my body’s signals right on time.

As a child I had always been incredibly sensitive and I used to feel or see parts of what we often call “the other realms”. I was just so certain that there was more out there than what we were taught. That there are presences in this world that are barely visible to the eye of that only show themselves to those with “special powers”. At one point, I starting developing certain aspects of my gifts, but very quickly I got scared, went through difficult times in life and instead of pursuing this path, I rebelled, became extremely rational and decided to put all that “rubbish” in the furthest corner of my mind.

Now and then, I would experiment with witchy stuff with my friends and even though I was in denial, I was constantly checking out movies that involved witchcraft, magic, fairytales, paranormal activity or sorcery. Yet it remained something fictional that I had decided not to really believe in anymore (even though my heart longed for it!)


But it caught up with me. Cutting myself off from my “powers” made me feel miserable. And after several years of denying all I felt or knew, it hit me hard. I needed to open Pandora’s box again in order to grow and to be happy. And to be myself. 

It was a work of several years to re-connect to who I really am and to dare to open up again and show my authenticity. The first milestone was to take the NLP Master program. That made me work on myself and on my old limiting beliefs and it truly changed me for the better. But my intuitive antennas were still pretty rusty after so many years of inactivity/ denial.

Just before the NLP program I was lucky enough to have an incredible horse experience (equicoaching) thanks to a friend of mine. And this is when I just knew I also had to do something with horses. But not being a good rider, it had to be something else. So after NLP, I started following natural horsemanship classes.

I wanted to be a horse whisperer like Robert Redford in the movie ;-). And since a horse (his name was Eddy) had recently changed something inside of me, I felt I could help so many other people through the horse, just like I had been helped to re-discover who I truly AM. Horses change lives. In fact, no one ever forgets his first contact with a horse.


And so my dreams of me hair in the winds with feathers in them, on a cantering horse, feeling like a true Amazon woman, came back into my life. Of course, I had to learn the hard way: I acquired some precious horses through friends and acquaintances and being inexperienced, they taught me plenty on a daily basis. And when I wasn’t both feet on the ground, my oldest mare would make sure I’d fall or stumble to pass the message! And it’s also hard work: taking care of them every day required huge efforts, but they are worth it and I get so much in return!

So that’s how I started with equicoaching or horse assisted coaching. While I was coaching people amongst my horses, I quickly realised that there were parts of the puzzle missing… I could help people mentally & emotionally but we are such complex beings that it wasn’t enough to me. I wanted to help people in an even more holistic way.

That thought had only just emerged that the universe sent some (human) angels on my path to help me 😉 I met a very interesting and caring woman, who taught me all about gemstone therapy, auras and subtle energies. She quickly become a valuable friend and opened a lot of doors for me. She believed in my potential when I didn’t and showed me what I am capable of. She even entrusted me with her donkeys when she had to move to another place. Her donkeys also taught me so much valuable lessons! They are as kind and gentle as she is.

pexels-photo-1274260Then I met another very interesting friend, who initiated me in the world of intuitive communication. I started following her trainings, and from intuitive communication with animals, I quickly turned to energetic healing as well. Everything on my path seemed to lead to developing my intuition to the fullest. Everything I dreamed of as a kid, but that adults taught me to forget about or reject, came back into my life. All my senses got awakened again and I felt ALIVE! 


Year after year, I came across one mentor after the other, all sharing their knowledge with me, all helping me on my path of elevated consciousness. Nothing seemed impossible anymore. And one fruitful meeting led to another one. On my path came kinesiologists, homeopaths, healers, mediums/channellers, gemstone therapist, druids, etc. All of them planted a little seed in me that would grow and bloom when ready. 

Sometimes the life lessons were harsh (because I needed the slap in the face) and sometimes they were wondrous, miraculous. 

My mentor of the last 2 years gave me the final push! He made me realise what I’m capable of and he managed to get me out of my comfort zone (way more than I liked 😉 ) so that I could move on, develop my potential and BELIEVE in it! I am so thankful to all these people on my path! And of course, I am thankful to my partner who was always supportive to my projects, even though they scare the hell out of him.

So a multitude of gratitude to all these gifted, talented and loving people that photo-1520187044487-b2efb58f0cbasurround me and still support me! Thank you Meredith, Sven & Marcel, Thérèse, Dominique, Nicolas & Marie, Dr Devroey, Isabelle, Aurélie, Pierre-Henri, Dimitri and more recently Bénédicte, Denis & Anne.

And if your name is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that you are not special to me! You all contributed to my development, so thank you for that. But I wanted to put these people in the spotlight today.

My last encounter with a kinesiologist felt like the final “push” that I needed. I met this lovely woman who helped me lift some final blocks I had that still prevented me from believing in myself and in my extra sensory gifts. She confirmed a lot of things that I knew already (instinctively) but that I was still doubting. She gave me an enormous boost and convinced me to finally step out of the shadows and show myself to the world as I truly am. The time is ripe.

And so here I am today with this post! My life or even soul mission is to help raise the consciousness on the planet, to guide people in their awakening. To plant seeds wherever I can. To share the universal knowledge that was hidden from us for centuries but that should be known by everyone! I want to help people develop their talents, gifts, raise their energy and vibration. In order to help themselves, to share it with their environment, so that we can create a better world together. A world with more wisdom, more respect, more (inner) peace, more wellbeing, more empathy and kindness and especially more connection. Connection with ourselves, with ours souls, with nature, animals, other beings, etc.



I’ve decided to give different approaches to reach as many people as possible:



The horse-activities: coaching with horses, healing with horses, and retreats among the horses to re-connect and recharge your batteries. Those are on my premises. Horse assisted coaching works on all levels, it’s good for your self-esteem issues, but also to work on developing your intuition and instinct again, being more assertive, getting back in touch with your physical body and what it’s telling you and much more! It’s also the miracle treatment for people who are having a burn-out.


photo-1500904156668-758cff89dcffThe healing activities: energetic healing on people, on animals and on habitats. Healings can be performed on my premises. But for habitats and animals, I either come to you or we do a first virtual session. Meaning that you send me pictures of yourself, your house or your pets and I perform an intuitive communication, analysis and basic healing from a distance. This formula means that I am finally available worldwide!! Pre-analysis and debriefing are done through Skype.



The spiritual guidance: helping you on your spiritual path, helping you decode themessages you get or that are meant for you, or giving you specific answers to existential questions. This can also be done at a distance or live. My favourite tools used in spiritual guidance sessions are my pendulum, the oracle cards and intuitive communication.


Trainings and workshops: On my premises I offer a series of workshops and trainings around specific themes, such as developing your intuition, reconnection amongst the horses, mindfulness, NLP training, animal communication, etc. Check out my Facebook Page for more info on these events. If interested but not located in Belgium, you can also book a workshop or training in your country or city, but then I require that you arrange a min. number of participants. 


I realise that for some, this might sound a bit “out there”. I’m perfectly aware of that, and my rational mind is my first inner critic, always there to keep my feet on the ground and to question everything I do. But in a way, this is a good thing. This way, I have to question myself all the time, double check what I do or what messages I get.

How does a typical session go, you might wonder? 

Well, for example when I perform a healing on a person, animal or house, I use all my senses. I sense emotional blocks, parasites (like polluting, recurring thoughts, but also entities). I usually feel or “see” if their are chakra-imbalances, or other energetic imbalances. When I detect a physical issue, then I can apply massage or acupressure, but when it’s more subtle, I use magnetism, gemstone therapy and visualisations.

In the case of entities or other undesired presences, I (friendly) make them leave. Sometimes it’s required that high vibrational presences assist me or do the work for me. Then I just channel the healing or the information. Less abstract are all the networks or grids of lines (like Hartmann, Curry) and water streams running through a house. I can put disposals in place to lessen their impact on your health, and so on.


And with the horses, it’s just magical. I hardly have to do anything, because my horses already know which messages they need to convey to which participant. I just translate their non verbal language or their equine (and divine) messages. But of course, when I work for companies, then we work on the more rational aspects like leadership, assertiveness, team cohesion, trust and respect. Yes, I can be very business-oriented too 🙂 and I like to help companies grow and evolve, by showing them all their human aspects. In a period of automation and robots, we must put the emphasis on those human skills that robots will never be able to replace, don’t you think? 

So, if you are interested in a session with me, don’t hesitate to contact me! I am now available for everyone, no matter where you are located 😀

Have an excellent day!


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