Beautiful testimonial from a coachee

The past 2 months have passed by so quickly again! I am now full time independent, working with wonderful people and experiencing lots of special moments.

We discovered “Workaway”, a site for people who want to travel in a different way. The concept is simple: as a traveller you ask to join a host and his family. In exchange for free accommodation and meals, you do volunteering work for them for 4-5 hours a day.

So I’ve put our family and project on the site as a host. We immediately got plenty of interested travellers. End of August Vivian from California helped us out with our kids camp, then we had Warren, Karen and their 3 kids (read their blog here)

And now Lea from Germany is spending her last few days with us.

All of them helped us in a way we couldn’t imagine: the field of the horses was all cleaned out and fences repaired. Horses were groomed and ponies were taken out for a walk (to keep them in shape!). Walls were painted, weeds were pulled! We’re finally going forward at a good pace 🙂

And because all the daily chores were so well taken care of, I could spend my time focussing on my project and on the kids.

In the meantime, plenty of new customers found their way to the field and experienced horse assisted coaching or energetic healing.

Sophie – a wonderful woman with an enormous potentiel – who started out as a client, but is now becoming a business partner, wanted to share her amazing experience with my horses.

Here’s her story for you to read:

My experience with the horses

While approaching the prairie, fear is taking over… Two beautiful Friesians, one brown mare and three ponies … Will I dare to enter their territory, without any experience with horses at all?

 An apprehension takes hold of me…

 Luckily, Géraldine is there, kind and reassuring. She suggests a less direct approach: to stay outside of the field and let the horses approach me by themselves.

And so the first to come in contact with me is Kellie: she is soft, with a melancholic touch. We both sense an unease, the horse is telling us something. Thanks to Geraldine’s comprehension of the horses’ message, Kellie quickly lets go of her melancholic state and wanders off. When she moves away, I finally decide to enter the field as well.

 One of the ponies, who is a bit too affectionate to my liking, pushes me over. It is Pépé who keeps toying with me.

Géraldine explains his behaviour to me, telling me that he senses the fact that I’m not grounded, that I’m too preoccupied with my fears and therefore not entirely present in the moment. And so, he takes advantage of the situation and starts leading the dance.

A few deep breaths and an adequate position help me regain control of the situation. Finally, we comprehend each other. The push-over behaviour is replaced by mutual respect and understanding. The non-verbal communication is working miracles.  

 We enjoy a few moments of stillness and relaxation in the middle of the field, the horses pass by calmly. I feel connected to this surrounding nature. I am feeling incredibly good.

In this moment Ferre (the biggest black horse) chooses to approach us. He is very intimidating and impressive with his stallion manners. I start to worry again. But once again, Géraldine’s presence appeases my tensions. She puts herself between the horse and I while explaining which attitude to take on. It’s all right, even if I feel extremely tiny facing this giant. But I stay put, I stand before him tall and feet anchored into the ground.

IMG_5107During the petting and grooming session that Géraldine is offering him, I feel ready. I dare to approach him and caress him. My fears leave my body and I experience a wonderful moment. The moment he touches me, a strong emotion takes hold of me, a tight knot in my throat. But it’s a positive emotion: I feel like this is where I belong and I feel grateful for this moment out of time.  

This wonderful experience was made possible thanks to GĂ©raldine, who was amazing during the whole coaching session. She was able to put the right words onto every emotion, each difficult moment, and she gave me self-confidence.

The horses are excellent teachers: they are so true! They showed me that when we are centred and consistent towards ourselves, that this immediately impacts our relations with others.

 Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience these exceptional moments in which I learned essential life lessons that serve me both professionally and personally.


Thank you Sophie for sharing your story with us. In a next post, I will keep you informed of our newest project. Forgive me if my posts don’t appear as regularly as I would want them to… There are just not enough hours in a day if you ask me 🙂

Have a great week!



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