Finding all the resources you need within you.

You haven’t heard from me in a while, but it’s time to hit the pen again 🙂

The recent situation – first the covid-19 outbreak, then confinement, the second wave of confinement – led me to restructure my business. Since I was forced to cancel all my live trainings and coachings, I started developing a whole new segment online. It took me months to convert my existing trainings to online trainings, but I’m nearly there.

Which is actually good news! Because now, whether you are in Belgium or at the other end of the world, my services are now available to everyone, wherever you are. All thanks to the fantastic online tools available and the suddenly available time to reconsider the way I work! So I guess, the confinement was good for something.

Which brings me to today’s subject that I would like to discuss: the whole pandemic panic worldwide.

Although I have understood a long time ago what is going on behind the scene, I am still shocked at what I see and read in the mainstream media. Since I don’t want to start a debate or convince anyone of a certain truth, I would rather like to ask a few questions here today to all my readers and followers. I’m sharing these questions, because in everything I undertake, my goal is to make people more autonomous again, make people realise the best resources they have are within themselves. And so by considering these questions or statements, I hope to inspire you in some way or help you find your own truth.

  • Did you know that fear and stress are the worst ennemies of your immune system? That fear and stress are exhausting your energy levels, even draining them rapidly?
  • Why is it that the mainstream media will not share ANYTHING on how to be healthy, how to boost your own immune system, or how to live a healthy lifestyle (because a healthy body has very small chances of developing disease or becoming ill)?
  • Have you ever considered the fact that the big corporations earn more profit from us when we are unhealthy, ill, addicted to their products, confined/controlled?
  • Fear is the best manipulator. Scared people or children would believe just about anything you tell them…
  • Why is it that everyone screams Covid and no one talks about the flu, cancer, aids, diabetes? Or worse: famine, war, murder, child abuse, poverty??? I find it very strange, especially considering the fact that every minute hundreds of children die from malnutrition or lack of food and proper care.
  • As a yogic person, I find that proper breathing is a cure-all. Many people recovered from ailments and diseases through yoga and breathing techniques. So why would I wear a mask to prevent me from breathing correctly? Especially since I know that my body filters the air I breathe in, and whatever gets through that shouldn’t is then tackled by my white white blood cells. When there is a fight between a virus and my cells, I get a fever. The fever is good, it means my body is fighting. If I suppress the fever, I actually tell my own body that it’s bothering me, that it’s not doing a good job and that I’d prefer it’d surrender!! Inhaling deeply keeps my stress levels low, helps me liberate emotions, nourishes my cells deeply and helps me regenerate. So what is the goal of masking people all the time? Getting them more sick because of the lack of proper breathing? We’re having a heat wave right now in Belgium and I saw cashiers and other working people nearly fainting because they had to work all day in the heat with a mask! Personally when I have to wear a mask, then my eyes start stinging immediately and I feel I suffocate. I can’t stand it, as I’m so used to breathing deeply and slowly. And above that, what I exhale are the toxins my lungs need to eliminate (that’s actually primary school knowledge!), so why would I want to breathe that back in?? And ok, I hear the argument that when you are sick it is to protect others. Well, sorry but if you are sick you stay at home and take care of yourselves, you don’t go running around infecting others.
  • Many people like myself can’t stand wearing the mask, so they stay at home and they don’t consume anymore. Or they consume from the big corporations and order online. So hello money for the big corporations and bye bye small grocery store on the corner. Is there where we are heading: only big “toxic” corporations left (because, let’s be honest, they don’t have our best interest at heart, only profit, so they don’t care what they do to us) and no small entrepreneurs anymore? We were headed in the right direction with small-scale organic farmers, but now that’s over with, thanks to the drastic measures. The small-scale entrepreneurs are ruined. So only processed industrial food? Only cheap online clothes made by children in Bangladesh? So more cancers and other diseases linked to the industrial and genetically modified food? Where is this headed?
  • What happened to Hippocrates’ oath? “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”
  • Why have people stopped believing in their own healing potential?
  • Why have we stopped taking care of ourselves with what nature has to offer?
  • Since when is MAN so afraid of viruses? Because we are a VIRUS ourselves? The biggest threat or virus on earth is humankind! And we are composed of bacteria and viruses. The origin of our planet is thanks to viruses! There are more viruses on earth, than there are stars in the universe! Viruses also have benefits. Most of the genetic information on Earth probably resides within them, and viruses are important for transferring genes between different species, increasing genetic diversity and ultimately enhancing evolution and the adaptation of various organisms to new environmental challenges. When life was first arising on Earth, they may have been critical to the evolution of the first cells. I imagine some kind of early Darwinian pond in which viruses and the first cells swapped genes with each other, nearly unimpeded, to come up with critical new adaptations, enhancing the survival of both under challenging early-Earth conditions. ( We should actually be thankful that the viruses allow us to live amongst them! And I’m convinced that by attacking them (instead of living in harmony with them), they resist, they fight back, they become stronger.
  • Since when de we lose our liberty? Everyone should have the right to choose the treatment of their choice. If there is a natural plant-based alternative available, we should be able to decide for ourselves whether to try it or not. But some cures are prohibited, doctors who prescribe it and have 0% death rate are persecuted. Doesn’t a doctor want to save his patients?
  • What should have been neutral mainstream media, now is part of a lobby reporting what it is told to report. Everything else is censored. Where did freedom of expression go? Oh, right, with a mask on your face you are actually LITERALLY silenced.
  • What about the healing powers of love and affection???

Besides asking myself all these questions, I do see positive things as well. But I have many clients for the moment that all come to me because they are lots. Because they don’t know who they are anymore, what they want in life. The sudden pause in the rat race made a lot of people reconsider their current lifestyle. Many people enjoyed the confinement, because finally they could stop running for a while. They could have more time with their kids, work form home, eat all together. And a lot of them come to me now because they don’t want to go back to how it was before. They are exhausted. It’s really time for change ! We can’t continue like this, chasing after time and money, until we drop dead.

Luckily things ARE changing, although it feels like very small-scale for the moment. But with all my clients who came to recently I see something fantastic happening! Just by giving them a little boost (or a little “kick in the ass” for some), they (re)discover that they have all the resources necessary within them. With a little encouragement and arrows in the right direction, they start believing in themselves again. They regain their personal power!

I see many cases in which a person goes from being completely discouraged and tired of life to refreshed, happy and thriving! And this makes me so happy too! The majority of my clients have gone from unhappy, insecure, unhealthy 9-to-5 workers, or housewives, to independent, happy, fulfilled and thriving entrepreneurs. Waw! Amazing! We are so powerful, so resilient, such beautiful and perfectly designed creatures! That’s what humankind is meant to achieve: to THRIVE and to live in harmony with its environment. To be happy, and connect to nature and others! NOT confined, individualistic, egoistic, destructive, depressed, robotic! We were created to live to the fullest, to respect ourself, others and mother earth, not to destroy it. We have an enormous potential lying dormant within us. It’s time to wake it up and let it shine!

These past few months made me realise that I am thriving when I help others thrive. And that spurred the idea to start a mentorship program! A program in which I follow and coach my clients every month, until they regain their own full autonomy and that they can handle the world with ease and comfort. A program in which I help them develop their dreams and projects, in which I help them find all the resources needed within. Yes! I love my job. Does this mentorship sound interesting to you? Then make sure to follow my blog and Facebook page ( to get the practical info and take advantage of the launch offer that I will share on Thursday.

Introspection, self-reflection, acceptance, letting go, move forward, be positive, LIVE, BE!

So cheer up, take back your personal power and start enjoying life!

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