Healthy & fresh spread for spring season

When you are born in a culture where bread is the norm; when you live in a country where the foundations of every lunch are based on bread, and when you have small kids in school that have to bring along their lunchbox with bread slices... When you decide to live in a healthier way, … Continue reading Healthy & fresh spread for spring season

Beautiful testimonial from a coachee

The past 2 months have passed by so quickly again! I am now full time independent, working with wonderful people and experiencing lots of special moments. We discovered "Workaway", a site for people who want to travel in a different way. The concept is simple: as a traveller you ask to join a host and … Continue reading Beautiful testimonial from a coachee

Re-organising my life (and my mind) :-)

Hi everyone, It's been quite a while since my last blog post, apologies for that. I was entirely disconnected from Internet during the month of July. I worked one week abroad, followed by two weeks of vacation with the family. I really wanted to spend some time with my kids and partner, so there was … Continue reading Re-organising my life (and my mind) 🙂

Prana – vital energy, essence of life

Hi there, In my article about processed foods, I talked mostly about the symptoms of intoxication due to unhealthy food. Today, I want to take this topic to a more energetic and/or spiritual level. From an early age on, I have always been fascinated by the Indian and Chinese culture. Or Asian culture in general. … Continue reading Prana – vital energy, essence of life

5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

Today, I'm going to talk to you about 5 major signs that show you are intoxicated by processed foods.  Our body is a wonderful tool. Actually, our body is perfectly made. It responds very quickly to outside events and to the food we feed it with. It is a very accurate barometer that gives us … Continue reading 5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

Recipes from my stress-free meal plan: try out these delicious recipes today!

As promised in my last post, I told you I would share all my recipes of the meal plan with you. I decided to combine several recipes into 1 post, because it will be easier to group everything. So if you have started already with the meal plan, here are the recipe detail for most … Continue reading Recipes from my stress-free meal plan: try out these delicious recipes today!

The Ultimate Stress-Free Diet Plan!

Every day I hear people complaining about their stress-levels, about how busy they are and how they are affected by stress headaches, stomach problems, irritated bowel, fatigue, pain in the joints, etc. For years I suffered from tensions in the jaw, skull and neck. Even though I appeared relaxed on the outside, I couldn't hide … Continue reading The Ultimate Stress-Free Diet Plan!