Beautiful testimonial from a coachee

The past 2 months have passed by so quickly again! I am now full time independent, working with wonderful people and experiencing lots of special moments. We discovered "Workaway", a site for people who want to travel in a different way. The concept is simple: as a traveller you ask to join a host and … Continue reading Beautiful testimonial from a coachee

Prana – vital energy, essence of life

Hi there, In my article about processed foods, I talked mostly about the symptoms of intoxication due to unhealthy food. Today, I want to take this topic to a more energetic and/or spiritual level. From an early age on, I have always been fascinated by the Indian and Chinese culture. Or Asian culture in general. … Continue reading Prana – vital energy, essence of life

5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

Today, I'm going to talk to you about 5 major signs that show you are intoxicated by processed foods.  Our body is a wonderful tool. Actually, our body is perfectly made. It responds very quickly to outside events and to the food we feed it with. It is a very accurate barometer that gives us … Continue reading 5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

The Ultimate Stress-Free Diet Plan!

Every day I hear people complaining about their stress-levels, about how busy they are and how they are affected by stress headaches, stomach problems, irritated bowel, fatigue, pain in the joints, etc. For years I suffered from tensions in the jaw, skull and neck. Even though I appeared relaxed on the outside, I couldn't hide … Continue reading The Ultimate Stress-Free Diet Plan!