Purification & Protection rituals

We are living in times of great acceleration. What used to take us years to manifest (through visualisations, affirmations or rituals), is now materialising almost instantly. What you send out as negative thoughts is reflected instantly and the positive things you share and give are returned to you shortly after through small daily miracles. The … Continue reading Purification & Protection rituals

Truth Disclosure, part III

Hi there, Wow what a week. Did you feel it too? The energy of the past weeks was incredible. It felt like a combination of chaos, overwhelming noises, too much going on. And yet, if you've put your energy in the right things, it all seems to go smoothly, fluently with little miracles coming your … Continue reading Truth Disclosure, part III

Truth disclosure PART II: what they don’t tell you…

Hi again, Are you ready for part II? Last article I stated a few points on which I am now going to elaborate. If you haven't read the previous article, please start there. As a transformational coach, I look at my clients in a very holistic way. I don't only coach for mental balance, but … Continue reading Truth disclosure PART II: what they don’t tell you…

Disconnected connectedness, part II

Yesterday I explained a little bit about the concept of disconnected connectedness we presently live in. I wanted to illustrate my point with a breath-taking movie but couldn't find what I was looking for. Now today - there are no coincidences! - a friend of mine shares the following film: https://youtu.be/dNVZ0ZPfE8s   Thank you for … Continue reading Disconnected connectedness, part II