Purification & Protection rituals

We are living in times of great acceleration. What used to take us years to manifest (through visualisations, affirmations or rituals), is now materialising almost instantly. What you send out as negative thoughts is reflected instantly and the positive things you share and give are returned to you shortly after through small daily miracles. The … Continue reading Purification & Protection rituals

Truth Disclosure, part IV:a look into other realms

Did you enjoy this radiant full moon last night (25th of September) as much as I did? It was incredible: all the lights were turned off in the house and it was still light. I could even see my (black) horses grazing in the dark, which is quite exceptional.  That's how bright the moon was … Continue reading Truth Disclosure, part IV:a look into other realms

Truth Disclosure, part III

Hi there, Wow what a week. Did you feel it too? The energy of the past weeks was incredible. It felt like a combination of chaos, overwhelming noises, too much going on. And yet, if you've put your energy in the right things, it all seems to go smoothly, fluently with little miracles coming your … Continue reading Truth Disclosure, part III

If you're feeling strange lately…

 Planetary evolution and how it affects us I hear many strange complaints lately. People are moving forwards and growing at fast pace nowadays. But many have complaints or aches. Do you also experience symptoms like below: Sudden diarrhea without having eaten anything wrong Bloating Sudden headaches Feeling extremely tired or drained at times Mood swings … Continue reading If you're feeling strange lately…