What is chronic inflammation? (Eng version)

What is chronic inflammation? There is already a difference between inflammation and chronic inflammation … The scientific or "clinical" definition of inflammation is the body's defense against damaging factors. So this is just the body's natural defense against impostors like viruses, toxins and some bacteria. The affected area attracts white blood cells, which diffuse several … Continue reading What is chronic inflammation? (Eng version)

What you need to know about intermittent fasting…

It seems to be a trend these days. Everyone talks about intermittent fasting. And yet, this eating pattern has been around for a very long time! Most naturopaths recommend it to their patients. In this article, I would like to share with you my own experiences with intermittent fasting. I will combine these experiences, with … Continue reading What you need to know about intermittent fasting…

5 things your body needs in times of stress and anxiety

It's hard to go around it anymore. It's been a year now that we've been in lockdown or with severe sanitary measures, and more and more people are exhausted or depressed. I hear most people around me complaining all the time that they are fed up with being online all the time, they feel really … Continue reading 5 things your body needs in times of stress and anxiety

En 6 semaines, les citoyens peuvent reprendre le contrôle de leur avenir… Chiche ?

Very interesting thoughts this morning: yes! We must say NO to the overconsumption.
It’s about time we stop buying all these crappy things that are being pushed down our throats! That coke you’re drinking, that meat you’re eating, it’s killing you slowly but surely.

That new I-phone? Why do you think the kids of the producers are not allowed to have one? Because it infecting our brain, causing tumors. Almost everything the giant lobbies and industries want to force upon us is toxic. So the only way to stop them and to make them rethink our current society is to stop buying all this crap. Silent boycot works!

Look at all how it’s already changing! A lot of supermarkets are now refusing to distribute certain products and invest and foods with no added sugar, no meat, no gluten, etc. Yes, they are still pushing us to consume too much, but this is their habitual way of coping with boycot, they adapt the products to regain their market share. Silent boycotting works.
Re-integrating free values, such as spending quality time together, smiling, hugging, respecting each other, animals, nature, that’s what we need to do. Not saying that we should all start hugging, but we can spend our time differently. Instead of ravaging all the stores end of the year to celebrate Christmas with tons of gifts and too much food, we can celebrate Christmas for what it used to be: a time to be together, help the poor, be loving and kind and sing songs together, being thankful for the winter season and the spring that follows.

Think about this today, when you’re nearly pushing the “BUY-button” on that Black Friday sales website! Do you really need what you’re about to buy? Will it make you truly happy?

Boycott Citoyen

“Mangez ceci, c’est meilleur pour vous. Achetez cela, vous vous sentirez mieux. Allez voir ça, ça vous plaira. Il vous manque ce truc pour être vraiment génial. Il vous faut ce machin pour être aimé de vos collègues. Procurez-vous ce bidule, vous serez plus belle. Prenez un crédit, vous serez plus riche. Offrez-vous ça, vous serez heureux. Partez en vacances là-bas : c’est tendance. Consommez comme ça : nous savons ce qui est bon pour vous… Ecoutez-nous. Ecoutez-nous à la télé, dans la rue, dans le métro, à la radio, dans votre boîte aux lettres, dans vos journaux, sur internet, dans votre boîte mail. Ecoutez-nous, et consommez.”

Vous en avez marre ?
Nous aussi, eux aussi, elles aussi, moi aussi.

Le gouvernement vient de transférer 577 millions d’euros de recettes de la taxe écologique sur les carburants pour les réaffecter au budget général en 2018, le Conseil constitutionnel vient…

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