What is chronic inflammation? (Eng version)

What is chronic inflammation? There is already a difference between inflammation and chronic inflammation … The scientific or "clinical" definition of inflammation is the body's defense against damaging factors. So this is just the body's natural defense against impostors like viruses, toxins and some bacteria. The affected area attracts white blood cells, which diffuse several … Continue reading What is chronic inflammation? (Eng version)

Qu’est-ce que l’inflammation chronique ?

Il y a déjà une différence entre une inflammation et une inflammation chronique… La définition scientifique ou « clinique » de l’inflammation est la défense du corps contre des facteurs endommageant. C’est donc juste la défense naturelle du corps contre des imposteurs comme les virus, les toxines et certaines bactéries.  La zone affectée attire les globules blancs … Continue reading Qu’est-ce que l’inflammation chronique ?

Prana – vital energy, essence of life

Hi there, In my article about processed foods, I talked mostly about the symptoms of intoxication due to unhealthy food. Today, I want to take this topic to a more energetic and/or spiritual level. From an early age on, I have always been fascinated by the Indian and Chinese culture. Or Asian culture in general. … Continue reading Prana – vital energy, essence of life

5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

Today, I'm going to talk to you about 5 major signs that show you are intoxicated by processed foods.  Our body is a wonderful tool. Actually, our body is perfectly made. It responds very quickly to outside events and to the food we feed it with. It is a very accurate barometer that gives us … Continue reading 5 signs that you are intoxicated by processed foods

Caramelised tempeh with sweet potato, butternut and fresh salad.

After a successful sugar detox, you are now allowed to add a little sweetness again to your dinners. Falling short of vegan recipes for 2019? Don't worry, you'll find plenty of ideas here in the new year! So today, we are going to make a wintery, heart-warming dish that'll have your family of guests ask … Continue reading Caramelised tempeh with sweet potato, butternut and fresh salad.